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Expatriate Quota

Expatriate Quota

Expatriate Quota is a Permit issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which authorizes a Nigerian company to employ foreigners (expatriates) to specifically approved job designations. The permit also specified the duration of such employment.


This Quota is granted for a period ranging between 2-3 years at the discretion of the Ministry and is subject to renewal. Significantly, the quota is issued to the company and not the expatriate. By implication, when the expatriate leaves the company, the position reverts to the company. Thus, the company may place another expatriate on the same position for as long as the quota position remains valid.

Expatriate Quota are designated under two types:

  • Permanent Until Reviewed (PUR) Quota: meant for positions that would be occupied on a permanent basis. This includes positions of the Chairman of the company’s board of Directors or the Managing Director.
  • Temporary Quota: This is issued for positions that would be occupied on a temporary basis. These positions are specifically stated on the permit and the expatriate employee’s qualification must be at par with designation.