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The Maverick Métier Consulting

We are a firm of creative intelligent minds that seeks to dymstify cloudy but seemingly difficult business and management prospects into tangible results.

We recognize the limit to the imaginative force of man and creative prowess in solving complicated issues hence we consolidate on the forces of artificial intelligence with our time tested creativity to provide expeditious, ecstatic and enthusiastic products, systems and solutions to our diverse range of clients.

Our firm offers simple but sophisticated approach to hydra headed challenges uniquely designed to meet specific area of needs.

We are not unaware of the complexity of global issues bedevilling several corporate institutions and high net worth individuals however we offer locally tailored, data driven and experimental oriented systems to dwarf these raging storms into a tranquil, peaceful and prosperous venture.

We are knowledgeable of the endless opportunities in inter-personal interaction and the resultant cross-fertilization of ideas and mutual exposure thus we do not take lightly our relationship with clients. This is the rationale behind our ground visits and site  assessment for accurate, measurable and pragmatic success.

As our name implies, we strive at all times to extend our maverick (unconventional, uncommon, creative, unorthodox, eccentric ) métier (vocation, occupation, specialty, talent, craft, calling) to enable individuals and companies attain their full potentials and increase profitability.

Our core values are :